Friday, February 21, 2014

Favorite Thing Friday {Music}

Hey! Can you believe it's Friday again!? My week has seriously flown by, I'm going to blame it on the holiday because that was an extra day that the kids were home! ;) That being said and the realization that we are back to Friday it's time for our Favorite Thing Friday! Favorite Thing this week is what is your favorite music to listen to while crafting? For me there isn't really one favorite... I love to listen to Pandora.
My stations are usually upbeat, get me going type, such as- Pitbull, Pink, Katy Perry, etc. But there are times when I just need something a bit slower and more relaxing- The Piano Guys, Lucia Micarelli, and Enya. I think it really just depends on my mood really. How about you? Do you have some favorite music you listen to? 

Swing by Scrap It Girl and see what the other girls listen to! Who knows they may inspire you to add something new to your crafty tunes! :)

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