Friday, June 8, 2007

My Very First Blog.....

Alright here I go....I am taking my first plunge into the blogging world. I actually feel really nervous about posting my first post! I am not quite sure why I'm starting a blog other than I've been stalking a few...ok, A LOT for a few weeks now and I really have fun reading about what everyone is up to and being inspired by all their art work!

I love to stamp! I especially love to C.A.S.E. (Copy And Steal/Share Everything). I really enjoy stamping but it seems like I never have quite have enough time to come up with my own stuff so I'm always CASE-ing someone else's work...but isn't there a saying that says "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"? I do try sometimes to take what I see and make it my own by adding a new little twist, using different stamps or even a different color combo but there are times when I say, "Why mess with perfection?" and I'll just copy as is!! But maybe by having a blog I can draw inspiration from all of you and start doing my own stuff!

Well if you made it this far, Thanks so much! and I hope you'll come back and visit regularly. If you feel like it you are more than welcome to link my site up to yours or just bookmark it and come hang out! Thanks!

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