Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I love cooking with fresh herbs but hate buying them at the grocery store because the bundles they come in are always bigger than I want. Why buy so much when it's just going to go to waste? Well I decided it was time to plant my own! Yeah! I will now have (if they'll grow) Cilantro, Spearmint, Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, Chives, Parsley & Basil!

For the little individual pots I just made some little tags so I knew what was in them for now. So easy with some scraps of cardstock & punches!

Supplies: All supplies from Stampin' Up!


  1. WOW! That's a great idea!!! I think you should make me some! LOL

  2. Cute. I am so sad I left my little herb pot,one that Andrea gave me, behind when we moved. It's a good thing I know the renters.
    Your blog is making me hungry.


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